This whole business began with a doctor visit.  

Hi, my name is Bonnie Vadnais.  I live in Hamilton, Montana.  I have four beautiful daughters and several grandchildren with my husband Scott. 

My husband, Scott is a disabled veteran.  In the spring of 2007, he had an appointment with his V.A. doctor.  The doctor told him that he was no longer able to work because his injuries had progressed too far.  Scott asked the doctor, “What is a broke, disabled vet suppose to do if I can’t work?” 

The doctor told him, “Get a hobby.  Get a goat!”  

Scott was upset, but had told his wife, me, that he would listen to what the doctor told him to do.  On his way home, he saw a sign for some goats for sale.  As a joke to me, he brought two of them home. I told him “These goats have to support themselves!  If you can’t work, how can we pay for them?”

I began studying all of the possible uses for goats and goat milk.  I had already developed a deep passion for herbs and essential oils.  I also had a consciousness for natural health.  I learned that goat milk soap was one of the best cleansers that you could use on your skin because of the Lactic Acid in it.  The lactic acid gets rid of old skin cells and promotes new skin cell growth.

I knew that if I was going to make soap, I wanted it to be the best soap ever! I became even more diligent in my studies and the recipes began to take form.  I knew that I only wanted to use the highest quality of products that I could find.  

My very first batch of soap was the honey oat goat milk soap.  After it cured for six weeks, I began telling people that I planned to make and sell goat milk soap.  In the first month that the soap was made, I sold one bar of soap. I was so excited!  

We continue to study and search out the highest quality of oils, herbs and essential oils for each of our products. We strive to be affordable, natural and beneficial.