What People Are Saying

Our customers say that our products have helped them with the eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, sore muscles, and more!

I know it is meant for the dryer, but I like to keep a lavender sachet hung above a lamp in my studio. The heat from the light bulb releases the calming fragrance into the room.
L Kay McWhorter

I purchased two lotion bars in PA and fell in love! 
-Tammy Mullen

I love the soap, and we are including it in the gifts for my daughter’s bridesmaids.
Patricia Petersen

So worth having your product delivered right to my front door !!
Sheri Scalley Solomon

My dog has severe skin allergies. She gets really itchy and scratchy. I tried all kinds of dog soaps, with no luck. I tried Udderly Fresh’s dog soap and was AMAZED by the results. My fur baby is no longer itchy, her coat is soft, and she smelled good for days! Thanks Udderly Fresh Soap!
Katelyn Lester

I have a new obsession with the what on earth lotion bar.
– Hannah Honey

Am I the only one who loves udderly fresh? Of course not every one does
-Nichole Basnaw

I would like the Lotion Bars, I just wanted to also say this has done amazing on my husband’s hands, He has been farming for 50 plus years, and with his hands always exposed to the sun, they were in pretty bad shape, we have tried so many products and this is really the first that has helped, they almost look normal,haha..I rub it on morning and night, and we can not believe the improvement in the past weeks, We are looking forward to hearing what his Dermatologist will have to say next month!! Anyway like I said the products are fantastic, Looking forward to receiving more..oh he also likes the deodorant..
– Suzie Robinson

These are AMAZING!!!! I love what these products do for me and my kids.
Mindy Lee Maydole

I found my new favorite lotion!!! Lemongrass lotion bar by Udderly Fresh!! It is fantastic, and it smells sooooooo good!!♡ …It’s all natural, locally made products that are absolutely great! You’ll love it!
– Julie Gillespie

I love your product, want everyone to know about you.
– Carolynn Richardson

I’ll share..I have the Karli, Lavender & patchouli lotion bars..I love my lotion bars. They last forever..I’ve even sent some to relatives in California, who had children with psoriasis..They couldn’t thank me enough. I  would love to try the soap.
– Joann Barron

I received my order today!! The Eucalyptus Lotion is amazing on sore muscles!! I will definitely be ordering more! Thank you ladies!
– Jennifer Gillespie

Totally off the subject here, just used the simply soap for the first time. I have to tell you, I will never use another soap on my face again!
– Doris Manzanares

I absolutely love the Lavender bar.I just call it the goat bar and I use it for everything on 3 generations!
– Charolette Killips

My grandson was given a bar for his acne, and it’s wonderful.
– ‎Ruth Bartel Decker

Love Karli Skin! Best ever for my life-long eczema problem! Even better, you’re right here in Hamilton!
– Toni D’Arcangelo

I just bought some of your “Love your Face” lotion and “Reubens Acne Bar”. My face hasn’s been this happy in a very long time! It feels so clean, smooth and awake! Thank you!
– ‎Ashley Warych

Bought several of your products and the Hamilton Farmers Market yesterday. Looking forward to changing to all natural and safe products!! Thanks! I will be back for more!
– ‎Teresa Weaver Peters

All I can say is that the Karli’s Body Balm is the ONLY balm/lotion I’ve used that actually heals my hands. This time of year is so difficult for people that get dry, chapped, broken skin…and it is amazing!
– Kim Richardson

I have the Extreme skin balm and bar and love the products for my daughters eczema. I love the relief balm also and it has been amazing for my headaches and carpal tunnel pain.
Amanda Hemphill

I love all their products! From their lotion, bar soaps, shampoo, and their oils, my children (including 10 month old baby) and myself love these products. I have used their eucalyptus lotion plus cold and flu bath tea for after work sore muscles and I feel like I just got out of a relaxing hot tub! If they say it works for this or that it really does!!!! Thanks you for creating such wonderful products!
Jennifer Gillespie

Amazing quality products, Great as a medicinal alternative or just pure relaxation and pleasure. Once you use these products you will never go back. Great customer service and fast delivery!
– John Ambrose Martin

Extreme Skin Moisturizing Soap is AMAZING! My skin gets so dry and itchy in the winter and this product has been a God send!
Brenada Rey-Steveni

Your soap worked wonders when I had that head cold!!! Saved my life!
-Bethany Andersen

I have had the opportunity to see how all of these products are made, and on occasion help make them. These are absolutely amazing and so good for your skin. My daughter has horrible eczema and I use the Lotion bars and it takes it away faster than steroid creams or anything else I have tried. If you haven’t tried these products, I guarantee you are missing out.
Mindy Lee Maydole
…when you love Homemade – especially when it’s MONTANA made.
-Julie Fink Brantley

Essentially Better is my go to for allergy and cold! Love, love, love!
– Brenada Rey-Steveni

I love my Eucalyptus milk bath tea.
– Jennifer Gillespie

I used the doggy bar on my teacup poodle today and totally love it. She is 14 yes old and getting dry itchy skin. She’s been scratching a lot lately so I tried this one even though I have other dog shampoos for itchy skin. So far no scratching and I love her smell (no wet dog smell). I think she’s loving it also. I will be purchasing this again because I have 5 dogs all ranging in age from 1 – 15.
– Cheryl Wilkinson

I absolutely love my green tea and lemon soap!! Smells amazing!!
– Tori Audritsh

Hey guys! It’s Steve. I just bought 4 lotion bars and 2 soaps. I flipping love these things. And to think that before Christmas you hadn’t told me about this!? Obviously the Orange Scented products are the best but I look forward to trying more. All the love in the world.
– Steven Sorensen

Really great products!
Lindalee Weissler

My husband and I just received our bars of your Karli soap, I have to say, it’s amazing!
We’ve only used it a couple of times and already I can see a difference my little guy’s skin! We have tried so many different brands of soaps and lotions and steriod creams for his skin, we are so happy to have finally found something that works!! I’m recommending it to everyone I know!

– Amanda Heath

Love, love, love my Karli skin bar!!!!!!! I”m so wierd, I sniff the empty box, I love the smell so much! Thanks, ladies for your hard work!
– ‎Kristen R Gibney

Thanks for sending Salomon home with some for us to try. Your lotion has worked great for my 5 year old daughter with eczema. Her skin looks so much better and she says she is less itchy. She says the original smells like tea and that one is her favorite.
– ‎Rachel McLaughlin

I’ve been using Udderly fresh soap for years and I just tried the honey for the first time last month.. Its amazing!
–  Sarah Mae Beatty

A friend bought me some Karli’s Skin hand lotion and gave it to me for my birthday. It has made such a difference to my skin!  I am a special education teaching assistant and have to wash my hands so much during the day, and my hands look terrible.  Now they are smoother and the cuticles don’t look like I have been chewing on them (even though I don’t).
Love your product!

– Cheryl McLauri

You are the best, your soaps smell and feel awesome, are healthy for my skin and priced great!
Carol Schwarz

Great products and customer service. Very responsive to questions. My stuff was shipped quickly and they even wrapped it, as it was a gift for my sister.
Nicole Page

Received product as a gift and LOVE it!!
Terri Bauer

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know I finally tried the stain remover for laundry for the first time last night on my sons white baseball pants… (Don’t know why coach thought it was a good idea to have white pants for 13 year old boys) anyhow He had green and brown stains all over the knees… It had been a couple days since he got the stains but I figured I would try anyways.. Guess what??? The stain remover got ALL the stains out.. We have perfectly white pants again! Thanks so much for all that you guys do! I truly love all your products! And recommend them to everyone! Now I have another product to recommend!
Sarah Mae Beatty‎

I love this stuff. It’s amazing on the skin, I’m not exaggerating, it’s awesome.
-Mike Walker

The box arrived today So excited….. lip balm is on now….. Shower in the morning with the new soap.. and the balm will go on my hands after knitting tonight…Thank you for helping make my day …. Literally !!
– Sheri Scalley Solomon

Great soap made by a great ‪#‎SmallBusiness
– L Kay McWhorter

If you haven’t tried their products you really need too!!!!!
Sunny Lee  

have totally loved all things I have purchased from you … without question…. about 10 years ago I made soap and lotion bars, did local craft fairs.. but have moved twice, and down sized and sold all my paraphernalia … am very selective in what I purchase… and yours are Marvelous and healing in the process, too.
– Sheri Scalley Solomon

I love these products. The pain (Essential Relief) spray is the only thing that gives my carpenter son relief from his constant back pain. I don’t know what we would do without these wonderful, healthy products; and they are made with LOVE. Keep up the good work ladies.
– Charolette Killips

Bonnie gave me a product (Essentially Better) to put on a cut that I received from a rusty wire. It immediately felt better. It also healed in about half of the time mine usually do, and never became infected. Thank you so much! Your products are amazing! PS My husband is hooked on the hunters bar during this hunting season!
– ‎Brenada Rey-Steveni

Thanks for our dog shampoo! It smells so good. Can’t wait to use it!
– Shawn Woods

I have to tell you, after picking up your lotion bar at Super 1, my son’s chronic dry hands have FINALLY found relief. We have tried so many creams – THANK YOU!!
– Laura ‘Redding’ Lopez

This is the soap I was talking about! Best thing ever!! The end. 
– ‎Teressa Monson

Ok, I just found your soaps at Super 1 and they are GREAT! Got a bar of the Cinnamon soap and it is just wonderful!! The aroma permeates our bathroom luring me into the shower again!
– ‎Lisa Nygard Lebeau

I got my first order from Udderly Fresh Soap the other day, I love the Shoo Fly bug spray, the Lavender sachets left my laundry smelling AMAZING. I am looking forward to using the soap! Thanks so much for making QUALITY products, and the super fast shipping!!
– ‎L Kay McWhorter

This soap is awesome!!!!
– Rulon Ray

I miss making soap but found this wonderful family online and have tried their product and it has my thumbs up …. ok… both hands up! Some wonderful blends and she uses great oils. Has clever and wonderful packaging and quick delivery. Very pleased.
– Sheri Scalley Solomon