We hear a lot of interesting questions and comments from people before they try our soaps, such as, “Are your soaps for hands or for body?”, and “Will the brown soap change the color of my skin?”, and “Does it smell like goats?” and, “Why do you use Goat Milk in your soap?”

We are always happy to answer questions about our products.  Many people have never heard of Goat Milk Soap before, but the people that have tried a high quality goat milk soap instantly fall in love.

Our Soaps are great for both hands and body.  We use real herbs in our soaps, so, some of them have more texture than other soaps might.  Some of our smoothest soaps are our Simply Soap, Ginger Citrus Soap, and Grapefruit Soap.  On the more abrasive side, are the Cinnamon Soap, Eucalyptus Mint Soap, and Invisible Hunter Soap.  For the soaps that are too rough for sensitive skin types, simply wrap them in a wash cloth, wet it down, and use it that way.  Another way is to lather it in your hands, then rub it on the rest of your body.

Anything that you put onto your skin absorbs into your blood stream within 30 seconds.  To receive the full benefits of the Essential Oils and the Herbs that are in our soaps, we recommend that you leave the soap on your skin for at least 30 seconds.  

Many Goat Milk Soaps contain water.  We do not add any water to our soaps at all.  Only Goat Milk.  Goat Milk is an amazing cleanser, very moisturizing, and it is commonly used by people with allergies.  Many soap companies that use Essential Oils in their products only use a small amount of Essential Oil, maybe even a few drops.  We use several ounces of Essential Oils in each batch of Goat Milk Soap.  Many soap companies do not use herbs in their soap, or just add some to the top for an artisan look.  Most of our soaps contain a large amount of herbs in each bar.  Some do not have herbs, such as our Simply Soap and Grapefruit Soap.  We also do not use any parabens or fragrances in our products.

Yes! Our soaps are excellent for use on hands or in the shower.  They will last longer if you do not let them sit in water after use.  Place them in a soap holder that drains the water off.

No! The brown soap will not change the color of your skin.  While you are washing your hands or body, the suds may be a different color than the soap that you have purchased from the store.  It will wash off when you rinse.

No! Our soaps do not smell like goats! Goats stink! Our Soap smells like Essential Oils, Herbs, and Earthy ingredients.  When we are at Farmer’s Markets or trade shows, people usually sniff the air before they can see us.  The smell our products usually before they can see us.  We have a variety of soaps to offer.

No! Cows milk is not an even substitute for Goat Milk when it comes to skin care.  Goat Milk is the closest ingredient that you can get for PH balance for human skin.

Yes! We are a SMALL BUSINESS!  We are currently running our business with two full time employees and a part time employee.  We do support benefits, local schools, local 4-H and other programs that we believe in.  We are in a small area doing what we love.  We love providing high quality products to everyone who has skin.  We look forward to growing larger and being able to help out other families in our area by providing others with jobs when we are able to, but we just aren’t there yet.

Yes! We handcraft each product with LOVE in Hamilton, Montana in the United States of America.  

Want to know more? Just ask us! We look forward to hearing from you!