When you are walking through the woods, and you stop to rest your hand on a tree, and when you pull your hand back, it is covered with a sticky amber colored sap, do you ever take a moment to stop and think of the benefits of it?  Oh, you didn’t know that it had benefits, well let’s explore the ways that Pine Resin is beneficial for you.  

Pine Resin is described as a secretion from pine trees that is caused by cuts in the tree trunk or from broken limbs.  It starts out as an amber colored glob that turns darker in color and harder over time.  

Pine Resin has been used by the Native Americans for it’s medicinal purposes.  Mostly, they chewed on the gummy substance, but it has also been used in teas and tinctures.  It is believed to treat stomach ulcers and rheumatoid arthritis internally.  

Pine Resin has also been used to treat wounds.  According to this article,  pine resin may be applied directly to a bleeding cut to help stem the flow of blood and close the wound.  This acts as a type of stitching.  

Be very careful with Pine Resin, it is extremely flammable! 

Pine Resin protects trees from insects, but may also be beneficial to the human body because of its natural properties such as antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and more.  It has also been known to help skin rashes and eczema.  Read more here.

Some people will score the tree, or cut notches in it in an effort to get more resin at one time.  Many people believe that this will not damage the tree.  We, however, do not use this method.  We try to leave nature and the trees the same way that we found them.  We do not want to risk damaging the trees or scenery.

The main ingredient in our Tree Drop Oil is Pine Resin.  We have simply made it easier to use than scraping it off of a tree in the woods.  

We use a large amount of Pine Resin in our Bitterroot Pines Soap.  Because we live in the Bitterroot Mountains, we are able to gather the resin ourselves.  This soap also has local herbs that blend together to bring a piece of our home into your home.

Our Robert’s Rack Hunting Bar also contains a good amount of Pine Resin.  The idea behind this soap is to blend in with the environment.  Because we all sweat and have natural scents, we can not completely eliminate our scent, so this soap helps hunters to blend in with the pines around them.  It also has dandelion, mullein and yarrow, which grow naturally in the Bitterroot Mountains.  

We encourage you to study the benefits of pine resin on your own.  

Remember, whatever you put onto your skin absorbs into your skin within the first 30 seconds.  Thank you for choosing Udderly Fresh Soap for all of your skin care needs.