When we create a product, we want to make sure that it is high quality, beneficial, safe, and most of all, something that you will love as much as we love it.  When you ask us what our favorite product is, we will usually begin naming off a list, because it is so hard to choose when we have put our whole heart into each one.

The Bitterroot Pines Soap is one of our newest products.  We used our home in the Bitterroot Mountains in Montana as inspiration for this soap.  We used locally gathered Pine Resin, Mullein and Yarrow.  Then just for good measure, we added some dandelion to it.  The blend is gentle, but also brings our home into your home.  If you want a soap that brings you to the mountains, this is it!

  • Pine Resin has commonly been used for a variety of skin ailments such as minor burns, bruises, aches and pains, hang nails, eczema, skin tags, warts, even acne.  
  • Mullein, commonly known as the “velvety plant”, historically has been used to treat diseases such as tuberculosis, flu and staph infection.  The anti-inflammatory properties in this herb is one reason that it is often used to ease pain and cramping.  It has also been commonly used for anxiety, constipation, and ear infections.
  • Yarrow was first used by ancient Greeks over 3000 years ago to treat external wounds such as cuts and bleeding.  It was also used for fevers and to improve circulation. 
  • Dandelion is commonly used to cleanse the blood stream as well as to help prevent and fight acne.

We have combined all of these herbs with high quality oils such as Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and Palm Oil.  

Remember, anything that you put onto your skin absorbs into your skin within just 30 seconds.  Hop in the shower, grab our Natural Soap, Sud up, and enjoy the aroma, feel, and benefits that the Bitterroot Mountains have to offer you.